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For Fibro Fighters, By Fibro Fighters.
Promoting Fibromyalgia Awareness and Research to Find a Cure.
Providing Information, Support, & Fibro Awareness Products.

Celebrities w/ Fibromyalgia

You can support the Celebrities below by watching their shows, buying their albums, and writing to them to let them know how important Fibromyalgia awareness is.

Susan Flannery Susan Flannery - Bold and the Beautiful actress that has Fibromyalgia. more...

Sinead O'Conner Sinead O'Connor - Irish singer who has stated that Fibromyalgia was a key factor to her decision to retire from music.  more...

Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo - The great Mexican painter suffered from chronic pain and fatigue believe have been Fibromyalgia after a car accident.  She often painted self portraits expressing her pain.  more...

Florence Nightingale Florence Nightingale - Celebrated nurse, writer and statistician suffered from Fibromyalgia-like symptomsmore...

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